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We are Disney and only in one folder non Disney group.

When submitting, please submit your art in the right folder!
Founded 6 Years ago
Sep 4, 2012


151 Members
140 Watchers
14,187 Pageviews
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Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that some new folders have been added to the group, including "Coco" and "Descendants".
The artwork for "Olaf's frozen adventure" you can add to "Frozen" folder.

Also, I'd like to remind you that OCs are not allowed in the group.
And the special folder for "Disney dolls and merchandise" will be added in the future.

Stay awesome!
Greetings! Hi!

Secret Santa 2016 is coming again! :D (Big Grin)
This time, it is hosted by: :iconafter-ever-after: :iconall-disney-princess: :iconso-disneylicious: :icondisneyswap: with the hosts :iconvalloria: :iconmsbrit90: :iconsalemcattish: :icondinalfos5:.


What is the Secret Santa event?

The Secret Santa event is the holiday event (usually near Christmas) when people sign up to give gifts to and receive gifts from each other! In this case, the gifts will be artworks you make. The participants will be both givers and receivers. The fun thing is, each participant will know whom they will send the gifts to, but they won't know who will give those gifts for them! :D (Big Grin)


The rules

Bullet; Red Members of :iconafter-ever-after::iconall-disney-princess::iconso-disneylicious:, and :icondisneyswap: may participate.
Bullet; Green It doesn't have to be Christmas-themed.
Bullet; Red Since all clubs are Disney-related, we are doing Disney artworks only. 
Bullet; Green Crossovers with other fandom are allowed as long as there is 1 Disney character. However, the Disney character must be in the focus of the picture. 
Bullet; Red Marvel and Star Wars don't count as Disney (even if they belong to Disney). Only movies with the Disney opening logo in it count.
Bullet; Green Disney TV series, cartoons, and live-action movies are allowed.
Bullet; Red No mature drawing (no nudity and violence). Please keep it PG-rated.
Bullet; Green Please do a new artwork. No old deviations are allowed.
Bullet; Red Fill out the questionnaire below. You can use a stash or post in the comments.
Bullet; Green After the sign-ups are done, the admins (:iconvalloria::iconmsbrit90::iconsalemcattish:, and :icondinalfos5:) will match the Santas with the receivers and send you a note about it.



You may now choose your recipient! After the signing-up is closed, you can see the list of participants and choose 3 recipients you'd like to send a gift to. The mods will assign only 1 to you. Remember, if a recipient is popular (meaning many participants want to give to them), you may not get your intended recipient.

You can choose not to fill this option though. The mods will then assign you to your recipient. 

Star! Star! Star!

The questionnaire:

Star! Star! Star!

1. List your favorite Disney/Pixar movies.
Please list more than 1 characters.

2. List your favorite Disney/Pixar characters
Please be various, not listing only humans or animals, because not everyone can draw humans or animals.

3. List your favorite themes. 
For example: outdoor, nature, meal time, romance

4. List any art medium you can do.
Please see the "What kind of artworks is accepted?" section. Please list what kind of characters you can/cannot draw (for example, you can only draw humanoid characters).

5. List any art medium you'd like to receive.
Please see the "What kind of artworks is accepted?" section. You can also fill this question with "Surprise me!", meaning you will accept whatever you'd get. :D (Big Grin)

6. List any non-Disney character/movie you like. 
Perhaps the Santa will do a crossover with a Disney character, which we'll accept.

7. Other things you like.
Tell your Santa about anything else you like, from your favorite color, art style, historical era, etc.

8. I can/cannot be a back-up Santa in case someone doesn't turn up his/her gift.
Please answer this with "Yes, I can" or "No, I cannot".

9. I want to choose my recipient.
Please answer this with "Yes" or "No". Do not mention any deviant here, because we don't know yet if he/she signs up for this event.


1. List your favorite Disney/Pixar movies.
Cinderella, Pocahontas, Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats, Up, Inside Out

2. List your favorite Disney/Pixar characters
Cinderella, Pocahontas, Lady, O'Malley, Wall-E, Lightning McQueen

3. List your favorite themes. 
Nature, romance, dinner, family

4. List any art medium you can do.
Traditional and digital drawing. Only humans and animals.

5. List any art medium you'd like to receive.
Surprise me!

6. List any non-Disney character/movie you like. 
Hiccup, Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon), Wolverine, Magneto (X-Men), Eep (The Croods), Po (Kung-fu Panda)

7. Other things you like.
I love the color green and peach, 18th-century dresses, vintage style, family pictures.

8. I can/cannot be a back-up Santa in case someone doesn't turn up his/her gift.
Yes, I can.

9. I want to choose my recipient.


What is a back-up Santa?

A back-up Santa is the one who gives out artworks in case someone slacks off and doesn't submit his/her gift. However, you will not receive a penalty if you pull out being back-up Santa. Just note me or comment here telling that you can't be a back-up any more. 


What if I don't submit my gift on time?

Bullet; Black A back-up santa will submit it for the one you're supposed to give.
Bullet; Black You will be put in a blacklist. You will not be allowed to join future Secret Santas held by our groups. 
Bullet; Black You will not be allowed to join any events (contests, collabs, features) held by :iconafter-ever-after: for 1 year.


What kind of artworks is accepted?

Bullet; Blue Finished traditional/digital drawing. 
No unfinished sketches or line-arts. Black and white drawing is allowed if the style is meant to be so. Any level of drawing will be accepted, but please do it the best you can.
Bullet; Pink Photography.
Please use your own photos. Photo manipulation, using stock photos, are allowed. Combination of photography and drawing is allowed.
Bullet; Blue Literature.
Poem and short stories only.)
Bullet; Pink Cosplay.
Photos of you or your friend cosplaying as Disney characters. It will be better if you make a scene, not just a shot of the face.
Bullet; Blue Craft.
Beads, sculpture, paper crafts, repainted dolls are allowed.
Bullet; Pink Doll makers or bases, on certain conditions.
Making artworks using them is very easy. Please combine your bases with other pictures, such as combining with a different background, not stock background from the doll makers.


What we don't accept:

Bullet; Purple Manipulations of movie screenshots.
This violates the rules of DeviantArt because the screenshots are copyrighted images.
Bullet; Purple Unfinished or lazily done artworks. 
Believe us, we can judge.
Bullet; Purple An artwork with no Disney characters on it. 


Due date:

Bullet; Yellow November 30, 2016 (for signing up)
Bullet; Yellow January 31, 2016 (for submitting deviations)



Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Submit to :iconafter-ever-after: folder or comment your submission link on the journal. Bullet; Green Bullet; Red

We may not accept submissions if they do not fit with our rules.
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